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yoga.ing offers classes to improve performance, reduce stress, and prevent injury!


My method begins by meeting you where you are. I engage with each student, even in a group setting, to understand how they would most benefit from that day's class. My unique classes are built using a range of yoga styles (vinyasa, yin, hatha), targeted core exercises, traditional athletic stretching, and mindfulness exercises (breath work, meditation, visualization). I help students find stability before safely exploring poses through the use of props and modifications.

I'd be honored to help you find your 'balance for every day'!

Enjoying the sun during Yoga on the Mall 2017!

Enjoying the sun during Yoga on the Mall 2017!




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I wake up early on Friday mornings and go to her class because I find it welcoming, soothing, challenging, and beneficial. She knows her stuff and can adapt her repertoire for the particular needs and (in)flexibility of triathletes like me. She’s approachable, flexible, calm, and funny, and works well with a variety of levels, especially beginners.
— Lauren